The world has completely changed in 2020 and the whole health and wellness industry is facing a challenge like never before. We at Energetics Health and Wellness are bringing our services online to provide you with quality physical therapy consultations, online workout sessions, and group classes through Energetics Telehealth.

Online Consultation

One to one sessions with your therapist that would include a comprehensive assessment, treatment, and evaluation in an online setting. Education and progression will be the main focus here, as we help you build independence with your health and wellness needs.

Online Workouts

Individualized and progressive online workout sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals at the comfort of your home. Group classes provide a sense of community and promote healthy competitiveness.

We offer a variety of classes to help us get stronger together. Mobility, Resistance, and Alpha Training are some examples of workouts offered.

Fixed classes will be scheduled every week although special classes may be requested.

Corporate Seminars

Webinars about health and wellness may help increase awareness among corporations and companies especially with work-from-home situations. Workouts may also be implemented during such events.